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 This 2020 year has been interesting so far! We, it seems, as a group of humans have been working knowingly and not so much on our emotions as we have been asked to go "inward". Our world wonderfully and sadly is putting situations on our paths to help us decided what is worth holding on to. Trust these triggers are worthy of being looked into. The new knowings of ourselves and what we find will be worth it. If you would like help with these changes; your guides and angels along with mine would love to help in the navigation of these triggers. 

Look for inspirational quotes on FB, Instagram and Twitter. 

Also I am posting videos on my YouTube channel. Natasha Venter 

I am excited to announce that I have been on the radio and will be again each 3rd Sunday of the month on Martha Norwalk's Animal World on 1150 KKNW(see below)

 Keven McDonald hosts the last Sun. of the month. 

I was on with him Sun. April 26,2020 

Also I was on his podcast April 19, 2020

Both were on conversations about life, whats going on right now,questions from guests and much more.

Look below for more events!

***I am called to give a discount through this time ***.

 $60.00 for an hour 

$40.00 for a half hour

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services, about me & pricing


Sessions and Services

Spiritual Counseling  ( Sessions with Natasha )

I will work with you, through psychic intuitive insight and with ALL the love and guidance received from the Universe, Angels, Guides, and Life's helpers.

Angels always have the passion to show guidance, inspiration, and words of love. When an opportunity comes to communicate they do so lovingly. 

Some Guides stay with us for a lifetime and others just for a lesson. During a session with your Guides, you will find out who is helping/guiding you at this moment in time. 

You may also find out about the fairies around you and what role they are playing in your life. 

I will help you to learn how you to hear, feel, and fallow the guidance. 

We will interpret the guidance they wish you to know, which will give you insight into your life's situations. 

Together, we will find answers you have been looking for. 

During a session, the intention is of love and understanding and is always free of judgment. 

Grief Counseling

I also hold the same intention for one's with grief. 

Since I have gone through the grief process many times myself, I have helped many with the insights given to me. 

I care deeply about this time in your life and wish to help bring any peace the Universe and I can bring to you. 

The Webster dictionary defines a Medium as "an individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits."  

When I communicate with the spirit world, having this ability helps me understand what our loved ones who have passed have gone through and how much they are still around to help us.

My wish is to be an interpreter for you. I consider the opportunity to be a voice for your Loved One a gift.



About Me

Hello and Welcome! I’m delighted for you to know who I am and how Life’s experiences aided in my spiritual growth.

The Universe has given me many spiritual gifts of psychic medium insight, then through life I have learned to listen deeper to the angels.

 Looking back to when I was a child; I remember being born, having my guide Peter as a best friend, later to find out he was known as St. Peter. 

 Then in 1993, my beloved father passed away without physically seeing my first son who was born six weeks later. Three years later, in 1997, I received the gift of my second son.

Devastatingly, three weeks after his birth, my loving mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

My parents’ passing, the passing of others close to me, all coinciding with additional major emotional experiences, threw me into days of deep ups and downs. 

Gratefully, the Universe stepped in. They helped me understand this was a time to release fears, emotions and negative events of Life.

I wiggled forcefully through this process. What ultimately helped was I began participating in many classes with spiritual teachers. 

In these classes, life, my deep awakening and stepping into the next level I was receiving and learning spiritual gifts and insights. At this point I TRULY began to apply the integration of the lessons of the soul.

After several years of additional classes with spiritual teachers and Energy work such as Reiki, I truly began tuning into myself and the universe like never before. That’s when I heard the Angels, my guides, and the Universe clearer then before, ask me to step out and be a voice for them.

Since then, I take life"s daily experiences/happenings and turn them into teaching moments. Also, with  the channeling of Beings like Mother Earth, Archangel Azrael, and to me a new Archangel Medidone  along with others.

I have gained a deep knowing of trust.

I have so enjoyed sitting with many people individually or in group settings  receiving and sharing messages. 

The Universe loves to bring assistance and opportunity for those seeking guidance when needed.

My intention is to bring the Knowing of The Universe to every connection I make.


Natasha Venter



Individual & Group Session Pricing

I enjoy speaking and  giving messages individually or in a group setting.

****See special stated above****

 Individual  & Group Sessions

 by appointment 

 as I work with different schedules

$50.00 / Half-Hour Session


$80.00 / Hour Session

$300 / Four One-Hour Sessions Includes:

1 hour reading per week for four weeks.

This will allow time for processing through the integration of insights and lessons. 

Additional 2 -15 minutes phone or email communications.

The 2 -15 min. sessions are for the purpose of a “need to check in”, to verify, talk through a insight or to break down a thought.

Group sessions/ Speaking Engagements: Please contact me for pricing.

I feel the interaction of a group setting has the opportunity to benefit many.


Announcements & Testimonials

*Announce coming events*

*Announce coming events*

*Announce coming events*

* Please visit the above different podcast where I have been a guest on and will be regularly of Keven McDonald's My Independence Report pod cast  

*I will be speaking at BECP Club.  Mon. May 18th   6:00-8:00 PM: How the Stars & the Universe affect our Emotions
As we walk through life, much more affects us than the humans around us. I will help us look into the WHOs, WHATs and the WHYs of what we go through and how to navigate the emotions of those happenings. Please go to their website for the info. 

*I also will be on Martha Norwalk's Animal World on KKNW1150 AM. You can live stream at  www,  ( click.. listen live) I will be on the 3rd Sun. of the month regularly. Her show is on from 9-12 am .Please call in as I will be there answering questions and having good conversations.


Please come and enjoy!

 I will be a voice for your Angels,  Guides and Loved Ones whom have passed!

BECP Concouse Wellness Expo

Sat. June 27 (Canceled) MOVED to June 26 2021


Kent Commons

525 4th Avenue North (4th Avenue & James Street)

Kent, WA 98032


*Announce coming events*

*Announce coming events*

"In an hour Natasha whittled through all the concerns causing me anxiety and lifted my outlook to a higher vantage point, one with ease, clarity and faith in the universe's plan for me. Her channelling of Mother Earth was even more awesome in connecting me to an awareness that the universe and divine entities are present and guiding me through all confusion and darkness. Natasha completely and easily addressed all my concerns. I feel deeply uplifted and free after our sessions. "



 I have spent my life studying and researching spiritual and metaphysical matters and Natasha is one of the few psychic readers who I have found who is directly connected to the higher angelic forces and who provides valuable life information which is not in any way corrupted by her personal views. It is rare to find such a truly gifted reader who is so well connected.  Ron



Thank you so much for helping me understand my emotions and myself better! The gifts of insight has helped me have a different perspective about my life.



*Announce coming events*

"Do you have someone who has past and  you miss and/or would like to reach out and talk to? Do you have some unfinished business that you would like to clarify? If yes, you need to talk to Natasha! Natasha is really, really connected; not Facebook connected but, connected to those we are not normally in the spirit world. She helps us move on from our pasts of insecurities and fears and brings a maturity into our understanding of what was to what can be into a hopeful new world."



 "Natasha thank you for all you have done for me! You made a difference!"



"Natasha has helped me with many parts of my life; I am grateful for this wisdom! The way she is connected to the spiritual realm and us as humans is inspiring to be with. I feel I know myself better." Mary

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